April 2, 2018


I have thought for a while about the best way for us to have conversations between meetings about the things we are learning from the Kellers’ book on wisdom. I have fallen behind in ++my++ personal daily readings and I expect others of us have as well. Daily readings are not meant to be a mindless rule/requirement, but periodic conversation about what we are reading is encouraging. So, I am still working on a gracious and efficient way for us to continue to frequently encourage each other to grow in wisdom.

- Jim D.


The next sections describe a system for volunteering to visit Dodie on Sundays. The succinct version is:

  1. If you have a google account, click here –-> Dodie Reservation calendar
  2. Scan through he available pages/screens looking for a Sunday that (1) fits your schedule and (2) has a block of time on it titled Visit Dodie (see image at right)
  3. Click on that block
  4. Fill out the info on the next screen. Make sure your name appears in one of the fields on that screen.
  5. Submit
  6. Option: review the Suggestions below
If you do not have a google account –>>
Notify Jim Davis of your wishes and he will make the time reservation for you. For more information about viewing the calendar, see the next section Using a Home Church Calendar.
Questions, Comments, Confusion?
Complain to Jim Davis

Home Church Event Calendar

It is not like we have so many events that we need a calendar to keep track. However, for reasons described in the next section about Dodie, I have created a public calendar for our group. At this time, this calendar is view only through a web browser on a computer or smart phone. However, if anyone would like to add it to his or her personal calendar app, I can provide subscription information upon request. A subscription would update your personal calendar app with information from the Home Church Calendar.

Visiting Dodie

Several weeks ago, our home church realized that we could bless and serve Donna & Bill by volunteering on a regular basis to visit with Dodie on Sunday mornings. These visits would provide Donna the opportunity to worship at Hope Chapel with Bill.

Initially we thought it good to try to create a (rotating) bi-weekly schedule. The value of a fixed” bi-weekly schedule is that it is easy to remember. The negative is that any gap in coverage creates a stress point. I.e., we have an empty slot — what are we going to do about it?!!

A solution
So, we have made a change — we will be people-driven instead of slot-driven. Instead of having slots that we feel pressure to fill, we have a calendar on which we can see the opportunities to serve and then take them on as we have capacity.

Using a Home Church Calendar

I have created an online calendar that shows dates of interest to the Home Church — and the Sundays for which someone has volunteered to visit Dodie. This gives everyone an easy way to identify open dates — and show Donna and Bill in advance that someone is coming on a particular Sunday.

If you wish to visit with Dodie, you can check the calendar to see which Sundays are available to you. There are two ways to do this:

View and notify
You can view the events already posted to the calendar and then notify Jim Davis of the date you wish to visit Dodie.
Sign up immediately
You can use a separate sign up calendar that automatically skips to available dates and allows you to claim a date immediately!

After someone signs up, if anything changes, Donna, Bill, or Jim Davis will notify you. To view the events on the calendar, use the following link View Calendar. A short form of the link if you have to type it manually is: http://links.jimd.us/ghE42w. The literal link is shown in the footnote2.

After finding a Sunday that is free/available, you may either claim it though a reservation system that is available to anyone with a Gmail account3 OR email, call, or text Jim Davis and state what date you wish to visit Dodie. You will receive a confirmation email, text, or phone call and thereafter you can see your name on the calendar.


Here are some suggestions for what to do next:

[x] 2 weeks
Try to choose a Sunday as far in advance as possible. A week in advance is very helpful, two (2) weeks is greatly helpful!
[x] Sign Up
Volunteers may either use the automated sign up sheet, or just write/call/text Jim Davis after viewing the calendar. See instructions below.
[x] Check the Checklist
Review the checklist for visiting Dodie. It describes general activities and what to expect during your visit with Dodie.d
[x] After your visit
If you can, send Jim a note about your experience. Any blessings you experienced? Any feedback for future volunteers? What would have made your visit better/easier?

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Future Service Projects

Several of us have asked about doing another project similar to serving dinner to participants in the Families Count program. Cindy volunteered to be on the lookout for opportunities.

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Contact Jim Davis
(phone) 512.565.9968 (voice & text)
(email) crossmarked@gmail.com

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  1. TL;DR means too long, don’t read”

  2. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=jimandmartha.com_3g5g5ogcendkf5umu9k90sel2s%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FChicago

  3. http://links.jimd.us/8mRSRQ

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