August 14, 2017

Books Recommended on Videos Viewed at Home Church (August 11, 2017)

In our meeting August 11th, we looked at some videos that recommended reading books to deepen our spiritual knowledge and faith. I proposed that each of us pick a book to read and share with the group. Here are the rules”.

  1. Tell the group which book you picked. You can choose any book you wish — it does not have to be one from the list below.
  2. More than one person can read the same book
  3. Commit to share with the group, at a specific future meeting, what you learned, liked, disliked, about/from the book. I’ll put your commitment date on our calendar.
  4. No one has to read a book!

Below are the books described in the videos we watched with links to the Kindle version. You can read about the books and of course choose a different format and acquire the book from a library or any source you wish. The videos we watched are available here.

Anyone able to commit to August 25, 2017?

1. Andy Croft

2. Pete Greig

3. Rachel Gardener

4. N. T. Wright

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