About Me

March 15, 2017

I may be adding information to this page over time. I am not going to personally identify myself at this time, but I will provide information about my background and point of view. Maybe even my politics.

I have passed my 70th birthday, but I don’t feel like it. Internally I see myself as a cross between 30 and 90. This is an improvement over the first 50 years of life when I always thought of myself as 18-21. Now I can imagine dying.

I have been married to the same lady since 1969. We have children, all grown, and grandchildren. Our children appear to love and respect us for which we are hugely grateful. We are not wealthy, so I believe their affections are genuine.

One of my peeves is Christians whose public actions bring disrepute upon Jesus. As followers, I am certain we must remember at all times that the big story is about him — not us. Behaving consistently with this certainty is hard work and there is no shirking it.

Personal Biography